Research interest

My primary research interests are design and synthesis of transition metal based luminescent novel Probes for Studying Submicrosecond-to-Microsecond Dynamics of bio-macromolecules, modification of bio-molecules through bio-conjugation and implementation of phospholipid Nanodisc as a potential drug delivery system. The probe synthesis and bio-conjugation requires ligand designing and multistep organic/ organometallic reactions, purification and complete structural characterization.  My research interest also includes study of electrochemical behavior of transition metal-ligand complexes in the presence of bio-molecule.

Awards and accomplishments

  • Recipient of the Lola Walsh Anacker Scholarship for outstanding female chemistry graduate student at The University of Montana,                                                   May 2009
  • University of Montana, Graduate Student Association Travel Award,            Aug 2009
  • Recipient of the prestigious Bertha Morton Scholarship at The University of Montana,                                                                                                                  2008
  • 2nd best poster award at the Fourth International Symposium on Biorganometallic Chemistry, Missoula, MT,                                                                                            2008
  • Recipient of the Mofazzel Hossain Scholarship for highest marks in the class (M. Phil) at Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh,                                                                      2005
  • National Science and Technology, Information and Communication Ministry of Bangladesh graduate research fellowship                                                        2002  to 2003
  • Recipient of Jahangirnagar University Graduate Scholarship for outstanding academic achievement for securing 2nd position in the merit list,                                                2001
  • Recipient of Jahangirnagar University Undergraduate Scholarship for outstanding academic achievement for three consecutive years                                          1998 to 2000


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