The department of Chemistry of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology came into full-fledged department from the department of Chemical Engineering of the former Ahsanullah Engineering College, when the college was upgraded to the status of the present university in 1962. Professor Md. Abdul Kadir Chowdhury was the first head of the department who gave his full hearted effort as a head to establish the new born department from the period of 01/06/1962 to 30/09/1980. Then Professor Dr. Enamul Huq took the responsibility on his shoulder to further progress the development of this department. Professor Huq served as a head in this department from 01/10/1980 to 13/07/1993. The department has been offering both the theoretical and practical courses in Chemistry to the undergraduate level of Engineering students from the very beginning. The department has introduced postgraduate programme (M. Phil & Ph. D) in the year 1982. The research activities in the department are being carried out in all the main branches of chemistry; namely Inorganic, Physical, Organic Chemistry. The on-going research projects of the department include both basic and applied research. The research is conducted in the fields of synthetic organic chemistry, natural products, carbohydrate chemistry, organometalic chemistry, coordination chemistry, complex compounds, electroanalytical chemistry, nano-chemistry, polymer chemistry, corrosion science, chemistry of pollution, electrochemistry, photochemistry, bio-materials, surface chemistry and so on. More than 50 M. Phil. and 1 Ph. D. students have already received their degrees from this department. At present 84 M. Phil. and 5 Ph. D. students are enrolled in the department. It has fourteen faculty members. The number of officers and employees working in this department are 2 and 8, respectively. The department offices and laboratories are situated in the old academy building (OAB).