Dr. Shakila Rahman

Field of interest:

Natural Products Chemistry: Studies on bioactive compounds from plants: Detection, isolation, structural elucidation, bioassay, synthesis and structure-activity relationship comparison of bioactive compounds.

Selected Publications:

i) N. Nahar, M. Mosihuzzaman, T. A. Chowdhury and S. Rahman: “Analysis of Water-
Soluble Carbohydrates in Abroma augusta”, Journal of Bangladesh Academy of
Sciences, 1988,12(2), 207-210.

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iv) S. Rahman, N. Fukamiya, N. Ohno, H. Tokuda, H. Nishino, K. Tagahara, K. H. Lee,
andM.Okano: “Inhibitory Effects of Quassinoid Derivatives on Epstein-Barr Virus Early
Antigen Activation”. Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, 1997, 45 (4) 675-677.

v) S. Rahman, N. Fukamiya, M. Okano, K. Tagahara, and K. H. Lee: “Anti Tuberculosis
Activity of Quassinoids”, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, 1997, 45 (9)
1527- 1529.

vi) S. Rahman, N. Fukamiya, H. Tokuda, H. Nishino, K. Tagahara, K. H. Lee, and
M.Okano: “Three Quassinoid Derivatives and Related Compounds as Antitumor
Promoters from Brucea javanica”, Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan, 1999,
72, 751-756.

vii) Shakila Rahman: “Studies on Bioactive Quassinoids, Isolation, Synthesis, and
Structure-Activity Relationships”, Memoirs of the Faculty of Integrated Arts and
Sciences, Hiroshima University, 1999, 25, 181-183.

viii) Shakila Rahman, K. Kubota, N. Fukamiya, N. Ohno, H. Tokuda, H. Nishino, A.
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Epstein –Barr Virus Early Antigen Activation and Isobrucein-B as an Inhibitor of
Mouse Skin Tumor Promotion”, Research Bulletin of Hiroshima Aki Women’s
University, 2001 2, 69-77,.

ix) Md. Rafique Ullah and Shakila Rahman : “Mitigation of Groundwater Arsenic
Poisoning by Employing a Bio-Remediation Technique” Oriental Journal of Chemistry
2005, 21(2), 225-234.

x) Md. Rafique Ullah, Shakila Rahman and and Nargish Jahan Ara: “Study of Copper(ll)
and Nickel (ll) Ternary Complexes Involving Tridentate and BidentateLigands”,Journal
of Ultrascientist of Physical Sciences, 2006, 18(2), 221-226.

xi) A. Hannnan Khan, Shakila Rahman and M. Shahjahan: “Structural Studies of a
Hemicellulose Fraction”, Asian Journal of Chemistry, 2007, 19(7), 5688-5694.

xii) Y. Ahmed, S. Rahman, P. Akhtar, and F. Islam:” Isolation of Steroids from n-Hexane
Extract of the Leaves of Saurauia roxburghii”, International Food Research Journal,
2013, 20(5), 2939-2943.