Analytical Services


 Analytical Services

Type of Materials Type of Analysis
Water Presence of metal ions, anions, industrial effluents etc.

Analysis of amount of dissolved oxygen (BOD, COD), total organic carbon (TOC) and total dissolved solid (TDS), pH (alkalinity/acidity) , salinity etc.

Organic Chemicals Purity of alcohols (methanol, ethanol), organic solvents (ether), glucose, glycerin, ester, phenol, formaldehyde, amide etc.

Analysis of polyaromatic hydrocarbons,  formalin etc.

Inorganic and Organic Acids Purity of hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, nitric acid, acetic acid, citric acid, carbolic acid etc.

Analysis of battery fluid (acid), chromic acid, aqua-regia etc.

Metals and Alloys Purity of copper, zinc, aluminium, iron, manganese, brass, bronze etc.
Inorganic Chemicals Purity of different salts (sodium chloride, potassium chlorides,  sodium carbonate, calcium carbonate), alum, alumina, caustic soda, caustic potash etc.

Analysis of minerals, bleaching powder, caustic soda, gypsum,  potassium chlorate, potassium silicate, silicone oil, sodium hydroxide, sulfur, phosphorus, potassium nitrate, bariun nitrate, sodium nitrate, aluminium nitrate, arsenic sulphide, calcium carbide, magnesium phosphate, rock phosphates, starch etc.

Foods and Beverages Analysis of sugar, energy drinks,  margarin,  olive oils,  palm oil, juice, bread, protein content in foods, nutrition value, food adulterant (melamine), vitamin C (ascorbic acid), antioxidant etc.
Oils Analysis of soybean oil, olive oil,  palm oil,  coconut oils, vegetable oils, lubricating oils, mineral oils,  petrol etc.
Materials Analysis of activated carbon, additives, adhesives, after shave lotion, pigments, varnish, dye, binders, petroleum, paints, cement, elastomer, rubber, hydrogels, gels, chalk powder, charcoal, clay, soap, detergent, fiber, drug, oxygen release tablet, pesticide, polymers, packaging materials, glue, plastic, perfume, oxidizing materials, coal, sand, pharmaceutical chemical constituents, saline etc.
Physical Parameters pH, hardness, turbidity, conductivity, solubility, density, specific gravity, viscosity, reflectance, electrical properties, mechanical properties (mechanical strength, modulus, elasticity, toughness, softness, hardness, flexibility) of soft materials, thermal properties (decomposition temperature, stability, burning temperature), moisture content, water absorbing capacity etc.